Moving the from Margins of Society

Tools to assist migrants  and  minority  communities to be part of the society and community in which they are living

The MMS project

The Moving from the Margins of Society project has been funded by the Lifelong Learning   Programme  Grundtvig Multilateral Partnership for a two year period from 1st January 2014 until 31st December 2015. The project has been developed to create tools to assist migrants  and  minority communities to be part of the society and community in which they are living.

The key summary of the project is to:

  • To involve public sector agencies, educational institutions, community groups and community members
  • To undertake a local research which captures the views of minority communities and public services on how they engage with each other
  • To develop and pilot a training course to enable migrants and ethnic minority communities know more about the town / city where they live
  • To train and support a group of the trainees to become cultural ambassadors and train public sector staff to be culturally aware when delivering services
  • Ultimately to strengthen the integration of minority communities through increased interaction and awareness and through improved public services

Description is also available in : German, Danish, Greek, Norwegian, Turkish

Latest news

  • Sixth newsletter

Sixth newsletter

  • December 28th, 2015

The project’s sixth newsletter has been published.

You can download the newsletter […]